So Simple a Rock Star Could Do It

A few months ago, I landed my first acting gig. I’m playing “Nigel”, which some of you may remember from “Marketing Superstar”, the song I did with Pat O’Bryan and Joe Vitale a while back.

In the commercial, which you can see on You tube, “Nigel” is being interviewed by my sister, Misty Khan, for her new sales contact management software for Microsoft Outlook, Huntress Pro.

See the video here:

Can I ask a favor? Will you take a look at the video and give it a rating? You can have a laugh and help us with a little experiment to see if Youtube can really help drive traffic to a website. Feel free to tell your friends about it, too.

Should I give up Internet marketing for acting? 🙂 Seriously, I got a feel for what actors go through the day we shot this. I spent several hours under the hot lights with that wig and leather jacket on doing take after take. And some of my best lines ended up being cut due to time constraints. Still, we had a blast shooting it and I hope you enjoy it.

Btw, if you’re in sales and use Outlook, you’ll want to take a look at Misty’s software here:

Most Internet marketers I know rarely see each other in person except at live seminars. I’m really fortunate to have so many friends that are top marketers in my neck of the woods.

Last Sunday, Lisa and I hosted our first dinner party at the new casa. Joe Vitale, Pat O’Bryan, Cindy Cashman, Craig Perrine, Nerissa Oden, Kathy Zant and Mark Ryan were among the guests.

You can see pics and get the full scoop on Pat’s blog here:

Do you have Pat’s book yet, “The Portable Empire”? If not, pick up a copy here for about the price of a pizza: and then go to the link below to pick up a pile of bonuses:

Finally, my friend Cindy Cashman has released the 20th Anniversary Edition of her classic, “Everything Men Know About Women” (under the pen name Dr. Alan Francis). Cindy is living proof that you can make money with books even if you can’t write a word. See, the book is blank. 🙂

Cindy made a fortune marketing this book in non-traditional markets like department stores, gift stores, etc. Women bought multiple copies to give as gifts to friends and it helped make Cindy a millionaire. Get your copy for less than $5 here:

That’s all for now. Hope you have a great weekend!