Review: Marlon Sanders’ Affiliate Dashboard

Two of my all-time favorite Internet marketing products are Marlon Sanders’ Marketing Dashboard and Design Dashboard. Both feature a great point-and-click learning system and are very reasonably priced. This week, Marlon introduced his Affiliate Dashboard and I’ve been eager to see if it matches the quality of the rest of the ‘Dashboard’ line.

The Affiliate Dashboard is designed with 36 lessons to teach you how to create, maintain and promote your own affiliate program. It’s the same system Marlon himself has used to  promote his own products. I’ve been a member of Marlon’s affiliate program for seven years and it’s an excellent program.

So does the Affiliate Dashboard make the grade? As I’ve done with the earlier Dashboard products, I’ve created a video tour so you can see for yourself. Click on the link below to see the video. Since it’s full screen, you should hit F11 on your keyboard to maximize your browser once you get to the video. (You can hit F11 again to restore the browser menu after the video ends.)