Beginner’s Guide to Getting More Traffic to Your Website

One of the things every website owner wants is more traffic.
I get lots of questions on this one as well as requests to
review the latest whiz-bang instant traffic gimmick.

Most of those products are worthless. Some of them actually
work for a few weeks by finding some new way to trick the
search engines. But after the programmer sells a million
copies, the search engines catch on, tweak their algorithm’s
and that top 10 ranking search engine ranking lasts about as
long as Britney Spears’ rehab stay.

I’ve tinkered with search engine optimization (SEO) from
time to time with mixed results. If I have questions, the
person I go to is my buddy Nathan Anderson.

A few years ago, Nate offered to tweak one of my websites, (a review of the late Corey Rudl’s products)
and he took it to #1 on Yahoo. Today, that site still comes
up number 1 if you search for “Corey Rudl”.

I think a lot of these SEO people are b.s. artists that try
to make what they do look like some kind of magic that only
a genius could figure out. That’s how the justify the
enormous fees they charge.

That’s what’s so cool about Nate. He doesn’t talk down to
you and he’s Mr. Integrity. And he knows his stuff.

Last weekend, Nate spoke at Pat O’Bryan’s Unseminar III in
Austin. After the seminar, Pat, Nate and I along with Pat’s
cameraman Rodney had dinner.

Pat knew absolutely nothing about SEO and asked Nate if he’d
do a video interview covering the basics. Pat asked all the
questions an absolute beginner would ask and Nate answered
everyone in plain English.

Today, you can access that video without breaking the bank
or wondering if your spouse is going to kill you when the
credit card bill arrives.

Check it out here:

Yesterday I suggested that whenever you see an offer for a
product or service, ask yourself if it fits the long-term
vision you have for your business. Well one thing anyone
that has a website needs is more traffic, quality traffic.
Nathan will show you the best ways to get free, qualified
traffic to your  website. You can see a sample of the video

Thanks and have a great weekend! Oh, and there are just 7
seats left to my Ebook Mastermind Class which begins on
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