Maybe I’m Amazed

I want to start by thanking everyone that took the time to email yesterday. I’m overwhelmed and very touched by all of your letters.

If you wrote in, I promise I’ll reply personally but it may take a bit due to the sheer volume of messages.

Some people wrote in to tell me how my comments about buying so many products and not taking action really hit close to home. One email in particular was truly heartbreaking but it really motivated me to find a solution.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve decided to to incorporate steps to eliminate success blocks in my new ebook class. That’s just the first step.

As I’ve gone through dealing with a lot of my own ‘stuff’, I’m going to devote a lot of attention to helping people solve this problem.

One thing I suggest anyone can do is join or form a mastermind group. That’s the topic of my book with Joe Vitale, “Meet & Grow Rich”, which you can find on Amazon.

Beyond that, I’d say get a vision for what you want to do online and then stick to that path. There are just too many people out there that believe in magic beans.

The Internet marketing lifestyle is wonderful to experience. But it’s not going to happen by buying some wiz-bang product that cranks out instant websites that are going to bring you multi-thousand dollar checks just by pushing a button.

Those are just tools. And they’re not going to make you rich any more than buying a hammer at the hardware store is going to give you a new house.

It’s almost comical in a way. What do you do when a pizza arrives at your front door? Have you ever, even once, just put the pizza aside and forgotten about it? Do you see it again a week later and think, “Oh, yeah, the pizza, I’ve been meaning to eat that. Umm, maybe this weekend.” Two weeks later, it’s still there. Do you start to wonder if maybe you can send it back and get a refund?

Of course not. Nobody does that. So why does a $15 piece of dough and cheese get so much attention while something you paid $1,000 for gather dust in on a bookshelf?

And I don’t mean to point fingers here or make you feel bad. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve got more than one $997 product on my shelf that I never finished.

But here’s the deal. Once you’ve got your first product up and selling online and you’re starting to build a mailing list, you can often recoup your investment in these products even if you just employ one or two tactics you learn.

Several years ago, I went to my first Internet marketing seminar, Big Seminar I in Dallas. I paid $897 for a ticket plus hotel rooms. At the time, I was probably making about $1200 a month from my website.

I got one tactic from Armand Morin that increased my sales 38.9% within 30 days. So, we’re talking an additional $466.80 per month. That single tactic paid for my ticket within 2 months and it’s continued to put money in my pocket to this day. So if I never applied anything else I learned at that seminar, I’d be way ahead of the game.

But that can’t happen without getting that first product created and having a website up and running. Where I had to put some things on credit cards early on, now my continuing education is paid for by my business.

We need to get you to that point, too. One way to do that is to sign up for my new class. If you’ve tried doing it by yourself and haven’t been able to get the ball rolling, consider working with me. But don’t take too long, as I write this, there are only 10 spots left.

Now I realize this may be out of reach for you right now even with the payment plan I’m offering. You may have maxed out your credit cards or maybe you’ve just drawn a line in the sand and said, “No More”. If so, that’s OK.

There are still things you can do. One of them is to pay particular attention to the dialog you’re having with yourself.

This is one of the things Joe Vitale reminded me of when we were hanging out on Saturday. Joe suggested I go back and watch “The Secret” again. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I highly recommend it. At the website, you can watch it online or order the DVD.

Joe is one of the stars of The Secret along with people like Bob Proctor, Esther Hicks, Jack Canfield and many others. The Secret is all about the Law of Attraction.

Some of you may be skeptical of this kind of thing. I know I have in the past. And to some level, I’ve continued to resist it even though I’ve had it help me tremendously when I’ve applied it.

Saturday, after Joe left, I took his advice and watched it for the 2nd time. And thanks to something Jack Canfield said in the movie, I realized that that particular language I was using about part of my business was actually sabotaging my success. Rather than go into detail, I suggest you watch The Secret yourself. And watch it more than once.

The other thing I would suggest is picking up a copy of Joe’s book, The Attractor Factor.

The early version of this book, entitled Spiritual Marketing, literally changed my life. When I first ordered the book, I almost sent it back. I was expecting a marketing book. Instead, I got what my buddy Pat sometimes refers to as a ‘wu-wu’ book. You know, new age stuff.

Nothing against that but it wasn’t what I was expecting. I wanted ‘real world’ solutions. So I just stuck it on the shelf.

Then came 9/11. There were many, many tragic stories that day and compared to most, mine was pretty insignificant. If you’re interested, you can read my story in The Attractor Factor. The bottom line was that I suddenly had no job, no business, no car and was heavily in debt.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and I was suddenly a lot more open-minded about the ‘wu-wu’ stuff. 🙂

Long story short, I followed Joe’s suggested steps. Within 24 hours, someone I hadn’t spoke to in years called and offered to lend me a car as long as I needed it. Within two days, I had a perfect job for my situation. Within a week, I got another car. Free.

That got my attention. I tried Joe’s steps again, this time to the letter and more miracles happened. And every time I’ve tried it, it’s been successful.

So now I’m reading The Attractor Factor again. I’ve already had some breakthroughs and I know more miracles are on the way.

If you’re reading this and are skeptical, I understand. This isn’t what you’re used to hearing from me. Nevertheless, if you’re not experiencing the type of success in your life that you’d prefer, pick up a copy of the book as well as The Secret. Both are inexpensive. Both can change your life.

Of course you’ll have to actually read the book and watch the movie. 🙂

They’ve changed mine and I have a feeling they’re about to again.

I want to close by publicly thanking Joe for his friendship. Joe is about to head to LA to tape a special with Larry King and he’s been very busy training coaches for his new program (, which he’s very excited about. It’s designed specifically for the blocks I talked about yesterday. Yet with all that going on, he took the afternoon off to come over and hang out. (Joe rarely takes days off). So thanks, Joe.

I also want to thank you for continuing to tune in. And for allowing me to talk about what’s been going on behind the scenes here. I truly appreciate your support.

If I can close with a message from our sponsor… As I type this, there are 10 seats left for my Ebook Mastermind class. They won’t last long. If you’re ready trade your nightly TV time for getting an info product up and running online, I want to work with you.

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Until next time…

All the best,