Product Review: Ebook Pro 6

Note: IMC has just announced this product and has temporarily reduced the price from $197 to $147 supposedly to the first 250 orders. I suspect they probably sold over 250 in the first hour and the low price is still displayed. They may raise the price on Monday or may let it sit for a few days.

If you’re interested in this product, read my review now and act quickly if it appeals to you….

IMC has just released Ebook Pro 6.0 which introduces several new features. Ebook Pro, unlike some of the late Corey Rudl’s other software products, has always been fairly reliable although its more complicated for the end-user than its competitors.  Is version 6 different? 


Ebook Pro ads a feature that many users, especially newbies, have been dying for, a built-in ebook builder/editor with ready-made templates.

What they’ve done is added a built-in HTML editor, very similiar to Microsoft’s Front Page with built-in ebook templates. You don’t have to know HTML to use it, it’s a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor.

There are 25 templates included, described as Super Bonus #3 in the sales letter. 19 are basic templates that let you insert your ebook title, chapter titles, etc. just by replacing text in the template. There are also 6 templates that have a slicker look and feel but require experience with a program like Photoshop or a graphic designer to customize.

In a minute, I’ll give you a peek at how easy it is to create an ebook with this designer but first I want to tell you a bit more about the program.

Ebook Pro has always been the most secure ebook program around. However, that security has always come at the price of additional customer service hassles. In 6.0, there have been some major improvements.

In the past, Ebook Pro required users to download and install a free special ebook reader similar to Adobe’s Acrobat reader. The challenge has been that while most people are familiar with Adobe’s reader and already have it on their computers, they aren’t familiar with Ebook Pro’s reader.

This led to lots of emails from customers that either are having problems with the install or download the ebook file without reading your instructions and then can’t access the file.

With 6.0, the reader is built-in to your ebook file which will eliminate a LOT of customer service problems.

All ebooks created by Ebook Pro require the user to register before the first use. When you setup your ebook, you can specify what information you require to register. So you can collect just first name and email address or get full contact info including physical address and phone number.


With a paid ebook, you’d probably just want to collect name and email address since you probably captured everything when you made the sale. For a free report used for lead generation, you could require more info.

Ebook Pro creates a unique username and password for each user. The software creates the usernames and passwords for you. In the past, Ebook Pro allowed you to create 1000 sets of codes free, then you had to pay 10 cents for each additional set of codes. Now you get unlimited codes free.

What makes these codes useful is security. Since each username/password combination is unique, users can’t share copies of the ebook (unless you allow them to).

One problem all ebook publishers run into are people that buy your ebook and then immediately request a refund. Unlike a physical product that has to be returned, ebooks are digital files. So some people order your ebook planning all along to immediately request a refund knowing if you refuse, they can go to their credit card company and get a chargeback.

Although it doesn’t happen that often, there are people out there that will try to take advantage of you. With Ebook Pro, you can actually go in and render their ebook inoperable.

So if someone requests a refund, you can simply shut their ebook down.

One challenge you’ll face is distributing the codes. The software creates the codes for you in whatever quantity you specify in a spreadsheet like format. But most online ordering systems aren’t setup up to distribute these codes.

So you’ve got three choices.

  1. Use IMC’s Mailloop (not recommended)
  2. Use a shopping cart system like 1 Shoppingcart (my recommendation)
  3. Have a custom script created to work with your current order system.

I had a custom script setup to work with Clickbank for less than $100 using The script worked fine for about a year and suddenly stopped working. Now I can’t find the original coder and will have to hire another coder to fix it. Although I come out ahead taking this route in direct costs, I find using option 2 cheaper because it saves me a lot of time and headaches.

Creating an Ebook with the new Ebook Pro Editor:

Step 1: Select to create an ebook using the editor or with HTML you’ve already created.

Create 1.jpg

Step 2:

Create 2.jpg

Step 3:

Create 3.jpg

Step 4:

Create 4.jpg

Step 5: Select from the 25 templates. You can preview each from this window.

Create 5.jpg

Here’s a preview of one of the advanced templates. You’d need to create replacement images for the ebook title and the ‘your company’ graphic. The 19 basic templates don’t require any additional graphic work, though.

Create 6.jpg

Here’s a preview of what a page in your ebook will look like using the same template shown above:

Create 7.jpg 

Step 6:

Create 8.jpg

Step 7:

Create 9.jpg

Step 8: The Ebook Editor – This is one of the basic template’s table of contents page. A placeholder is included if you want to include an ebook cover graphic as I’ve done here. If you don’t have a cover graphic, you can simply delete the placeholder.

Create 10.jpg

Step 9: A sample chapter page using one of the basic templates. Simply highlight the text you wish to replace and type in your actual content.

Create 11b.jpg

Step 10: Once you finish chapter 1, you select "Add Page" from a pull-down menu. Usually this type of ebook uses one scroll-down page per chapter but you can create individual pages if you prefer.

Create 12b.jpg

From there you’ll finish adding your content and go through a few more steps to compile your ebook. You’ll also have several options like whether or not you’ll be allow people to print your ebook.

Additional New Features:

Print Setup Feature – If you’ve ever tried to print out an ebook isn’t a PDF style ebook, you’ll know that it’s impossible to print the entire book. You have to print out each section or chapter individually. This is something that you’ll get customer comlaints over.

Ebook Pro has now introduced a print setup manager that lets you setup your ebook so it can be printed out in its entirety in the order you specify.

Viral Ebook Feature – Ebook Pro 6 now includes an optional ‘Share this ebook with a friend’ feature. Let’s say you use the program to compile a free report. When someone downloads it, they can click on a button in the ebook to send a copy to their friend. They’ll be able to automatically send a friend a copy without the friend having to come to your website.

In order to read the free report, though, the friend will have to register so you can capture their name and contact info.

Opt-In Message – When users register their ebook, they’re presented with a message with a required checkbox that grants you permission to send these people email in the future. You can customize this message to include whatever unsubscribe method you use.

This feature may not seem important but it actually protects you from violating the Can-Spam law. So you don’t have to worry about spam complaints or lawsuits.

Free Sample Feature – You can send potential customer a sample of your ebook that only allows them to access pages that you specify. So they can see the table of contents, basic layout and sample a chapter or two but have to buy the ebook to see the whole thing.


The first two bonuses are ebooks. Bonus 1 is on how to create viral ebooks. I haven’t read it yet since I already own several ebooks on the topic. Bonus 2 is an excellent primer on how to select a topic and create your ebook.

Bonus 3 is the templates which are built-in to ebook pro so technically they aren’t really a bonus.

Bonus 4 is a video training library that shows you detailed instructions on how to use the software. These are very similar to the videos you’ve seen me use from time to time when reviewing software.

Bonus 5 is the aforementioned unlimited ebook codes. In the past, I’ve twice had to buy additional codes in $100 lots so this is indeed a valuable bonus.

Bottom Line: With 6.0, Ebook Pro has leaped ahead of my previous favorite, Ebook Generator, especially with the temporary price cut. If you already own an ebook compiler and are happy with it, there’s no need to buy Ebook Pro.

If you’re new to ebook creation or have struggled creating ebooks without a template, you’ll love Ebook Pro 6. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to have a way to distribute those usernames and passwords, though.