Product Review: “378 Internet Marketing Predictions” by Mike Mograbi

"378 Internet Marketing Predictions"

by Mike Mograbi
Price: $67

I have seen the future of Internet marketing. Right here, right now in two volumes. Mograbi has done his homework and let’s you know about recent developments that most marketers aren’t aware of yet. I spend a lot of time online doing research and subscribe to dozens of ezines but was totally unaware of some of the things discussed here.

I can’t recall reading a book like this one in ages. I kept having product idea after product idea. And we’re talking original ideas here. If you’re in Internet marketing, you may feel like it’s all been done. How many Internet marketing courses does the world need, right?

Here you will find fresh ideas by the dozens. I don’t agree with every single prediction. The author talks about interactive agents, little animated characters, that people will download on their desktop as guides, buddies and little customer relations workers. It’s interesting technology but I keep thinking of Microsoft’s Office Assistant.

Remember the little paper clip or Einstein character that kept popping up making suggestions? It was cute for about ten minutes and then you couldn’t wait to turn the damn thing off. I predict a similar fate for interactive agents.

But that’s just one prediction, there are 377 more and the author knows his business. Normally, I’d expect a 2-Volume ebook like this to go for $97 or more but it’s $67. Joe Vitale told me today that when Mike contacted him to get his opinion, the first thing he did was suggest doubling the price.

Bottom Line: If you need product ideas, if you publish an ezine or email your current customers, if you do affiliate marketing or if you’re just curious about what’s coming next, get this book. Today.

"378 Internet Marketing Predictions"