Predictions: What E-Books Will Sell in 2005?

By Joe Vitale & Bill Hibbler

Now that we’ve finished "The Ultimate Guide to Creating Money-Making E-Books" people are writing to us, asking for some tips on what will sell in 2005. We’d say someone could make good money if they created one or more of the following:

Joe: Anti-Aging — Almost everyone wants to live forever. The number of pills, potions, lotions, and other products out there is dizzying. You could collect them all and review them all. Act as a scout and tell us what works, and why. Become the anti-aging specialist. Or, if you didn’t want to focus on all of the products available, just center on the lotions, or the herbs, or whatever.

Bill: Home Automation — Once the domain of the wealthy, remote control houses are becoming affordable for the masses. Wireless Internet access and piping music throughout the house is just the beginning. Information that helps people make the best choices for their needs will be extremely valuable.

Joe: Smart Phone Reviews — I pulled the rest of my hair out when I looked at all the smart phones out there, which are mobile phones that also get and send email. If someone would write a consumer’s report guide to smart phones, others may buy it.

Bill: Diabetes — There are 18.2 million people in the U.S. alone who have diabetes. Unfortunately, those numbers are growing. I was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes and have become very interested in getting information on diets, vitamin supplements, testing equipment and other products.

A lot of the information currently available is quite confusing and often biased. I would gladly have paid for an ebook that summarized and reviewed the various options.

Joe: How-To’s Per Product — Every product these days comes with a manual, which is why we need someone to translate them. They all suck. When I bought my Blackberry smart phone, I desperately sought a "dummies guide" to how to use it. EVERY product could use this. The more popular the product, the larger audience of prospects you have to market to.

Bill: Ipods — I got a new Ipod over the holidays and I’m not alone. Ipods have passed Macintosh computers as Apple’s biggest selling product. Since I got mine, I’ve been searching high and low for reviews of replacement headphones, carrying cases, car adaptors and the like.

I know the Ipod can do a lot of things besides just play music but the manual is pretty skimpy. I see lots of opportunities for ebooks here.

Joe: Pet Behavior — Pet lovers LOVE their pets. I’m currently spending about $10,000 to build an unusual cat enclosure for some of our pets here. True pet lovers will sell their first born to take care of their furry friends. Show them ways to pamper, train, help or heal their pets and they’ll make you purr-fectly wealthy.

Bill: Atkins Friendly Restaurants — The Atkins diet has become such a huge phenomenon that many restaurants are offering No-Carb menu or Atkins-friendly fare on their menus. A website or ebook directory of those restaurants would be very popular with travelers.

Joe: Eat and Still Lose Weight Cookbooks — There will always be a need for cookbooks because people are addicted to food. It means survival, comfort, and pleasure. Review cookbooks, write them, or just sell them. This is a market that will *never* be satiated.

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But note something:

The average person reading this article won’t take any action. They’ll find excuses for not writing, or selling, an ebook.

Excuses are a dime a dozen. What is rare is the person who will take action. We’ve just handed you some potentially lucrative ideas.

Will you be the one to act — or the one who complains?

The choice is yours.

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