Product Review: Niche Pay Raise by Jimmy D. Brown and Ryan Deiss

Niche Pay Raise
by Jimmy D. Brown and Ryan Deiss
$27 (Includes Resale Rights)

"Niche Profits: 7 Secrets to Finding Profits in any Niche" is a one-hour audio delivered in MP3 format which you can listen to on your computer or portable MP3 player. The audio is from a training call Jimmy and Ryan did but it’s strictly lecture and interaction between Ryan and Jimmy. There’s no caller participation or Q&A. The package also includes a written, edited transcript.

The package includes master resale rights along with a complete website package. Master resale rights means you can not only sell the product but the resale rights as well. There is also, within the transcript section, an option to order a brandable version for an additional $40.

This allows you to brand your copy of the transcript ebook with affiliate links for two different upsells Jimmy and Ryan offer in the book. There’s a potential to earn $98.50 for each person that makes a purchase from those links.

If you don’t plan to resell the package then obviously you don’t need the brandable version. If you do plan to resell it, unless you have a large list, I’d recommend waiting until you make a couple of sales before spending the extra $40.

Niche Pay Raise Secret #1:

Let’s talk about the product. I loaded the audio on my Ipod and listened as I took my morning walk. The first of the 7 secrets struck me as being an excellent way to build a list. I was already familiar with the tactic but hadn’t thought of using it in the way Ryan describes. I plan to test this tactic immediately on one of my sites. If it works, I’ll apply across the board to all my sites.

List building is extremely important. And considering that the cost of advertising with pay-per-click search engines like Google Adwords and Overture is climbing every day, I’d say list building is critical to capture visitors that might otherwise leave your site without making a purchase. Getting those names and email addresses is important but not always easy. Especially when popups have, for the most part, become ineffective now that Internet Explorer has a built-in pop-up blocker.

Niche Pay Raise Secret #2:

When I first heard Jimmy discuss this one, I thought it was fairly obvious. Basically he sites the traditional idea of finding a hungry niche, finding out what they want, creating a product to meet the need, putting up a website and making money. Their twist on this was to suggest that you should also create back-end products.

No big surprise here, I’ve been telling people to do that for years and so have a lot of other people. It’s called having back-end products. However, just as I was about to reach for the fast-forward button, Jimmy pointed out a way to develop a back-end product without spending extra time or money on it.

It isn’t a revolutionary idea but rather one of those ‘it’s so simple, why didn’t I think of that’ things. From there, Jimmy goes into a primer on product creation with some excellent ideas that will appeal to newbies. He also brings up a few things that more experienced marketers already know but probably aren’t applying.

Although I didn’t learn these from Jimmy, some of these tactics have increased sales on my websites by 20-30%. One thing Jimmy is very good at is to incorporate ways to make more sales in every thing he does.

For example, let’s say you’re selling a product with master resale rights like this one. Most of these packages include a small text file named ReadMe1st.txt or something along those lines. Most people selling these products just include that file without making any changes or additions.

What Jimmy taught me to do was to go in and add more detailed instructions on how to install the resale website. At the same time, he’d add a paragraph saying something like this… "By the way, if you don’t have a service to host your resale website yet, check out Host4Profit. They’re very simple to use and have great customer service. And he’d add his affiliate link.

Now if people read that, need a webhost and sign up, Jimmy makes $10 a month for as long as that person stays with the service. Even if only 5 people sign up, that’s an extra $600 a year just for taking the time to write a couple of paragraphs.

But take this a step further. Keep in mind that few people bother to change the Read Me file. So when people buy from Jimmy and then begin reselling the product themselves, 99% of them send out Jimmy’s version of the readme file. That means Jimmy’s little file gets spread like a virus as more and more people distribute the package with his file.

If you adopt all of these tactics, you can easily increase your income just by taking a few minutes to add content and offers to things like the read-me file, your download page and so on.

Niche Pay Raise Secret #3:

This tactic demonstrates a way to turn one product into several targeted niche products. Each of these products are info products that will typically fetch a higher price than standard products because their tailor-made for a specific audience.

This tactic can save you a lot of time while helping you sell to a variety of niches and eliminate the competition. I won’t give their ‘secret’ away but I will verify that it’s a successful business model that I’ve seen companies like Entrepreneur Magazine use.

Niche Pay Raise Secret #4:

This one was just a new way to state something that you’re probably already familiar with, the idea that if you don’t have a skill or hobby, you can create an info product by interviewing an expert. If you’re a newbie, jump on this one. If not, then just consider it a review of a tactic you’re already familiar with.

Niche Pay Raise Secret #5:

Here, Jimmy and Ryan make a very valid point about what format your products are in. Ebook, Audio File, CD-ROM, DVD, etc. Choose the right format and you can charge twice as much due to perceived value.

Niche Pay Raise Secret #6:

Although it does work, I thought this one was fairly obvious. They did, however, reveal a Google search tactic that shows you how to search for websites that have a particular keyword in their web address or in their websites title tags. This is particularly useful for finding potential JV partners or checking for competitors.

Niche Pay Raise Secret #7:

Secret #7 is an elaboration on the back-end model hinted at with secret #2. If you sell an ebook or other info product and only have a single product, you need to read this one.

Bottom Line: I’ve been doing Internet marketing for a few years now yet still found enough information here to justify the $27 price tag even if resale rights weren’t included. Having resale rights turns it into an investment that can pay off with a single sale. Now, personally, I don’t make a ton of money on products like this. They bring in $100-$150 a month, sometimes less.

But since the web pages are provided, all you have to do is add your order link and the site runs on autopilot. And so a product like this can cover the electric bill every month.

The included website is sharp looking, although I’d like to see testimonials included. Also, Jimmy & Ryan added a legal agreement that prevents this package from being sold on eBay which means you won’t have resellers throwing this package up on an auction site for $3.