Selling on eBay is a Fun, Simple and Easy Way to…

Selling on eBay is a Fun, Simple and Easy Way to Bring in
Extra Cash

By Bill Hibbler

If you’re looking to bring in a couple hundred extra dollars
per month, I would recommend selling on eBay. You can start
out selling things you don’t need around the house. That’ll
raise some immediate cash and let you get familiar with how
eBay works, how to create listings, etc.

eBay has excellent online tutorials that are free to use as
well as a bulletin board area where you can ask experienced
sellers questions. If you’re willing to give up an hour of
TV time every night, you could have a good working
knowledge of eBay in a week

I would suggest picking an eBay category that you already
have an interest in for starters. Ideally, it’s a  niche
that brings people back again and again rather than one-time
purchases. You also want to avoid selling products from
drop-shippers or wholesalers
. It’s very difficult to make
money that way.

Instead, I’d focus on used or unique items that not everyone
else on eBay is selling
. One way to find items is to
scrounge thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales.

Lots of people are already doing that, though, so it’s not
as easy as it used to be. Still, if you pick a category that
most sellers are overlooking, you’ll still find plenty of

If you have a scanner and/or a digital camera, you  could
also offer to sell things for your neighbors on eBay in
return for a percentage of the sale price.  Retail stores
are popping up around the country that  do the exact same

Have some business cards made and place these on grocery
store bulletin boards, in laundromats and anywhere else you
can find where people gather. You could also have fliers
made up and put them on cars in your area. Start with your
friends and go from there.

Seniors would be especially good potential customers since
they’re less likely to be computer saavy and may need to get
rid of some things around the house and  consider a garage
sale too much trouble.

There’s also a great deal of potenial in selling information
products on eBay. That’s exactly how I started my online
business a few years ago.

The bottom line is selling on eBay can be a lot of fun and
help you generate some extra income. And who knows, you may
end up making enough money to leave your 9 to 5 job behind.

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