The Big Seminar – Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Have you been getting a lot of emails with the subject line, "Meet me in Atlanta?" or "BigSeminar 2005 is Officially Launched"? If you subscribe to more than one ezine, you probably have.

Personally, I hate those cookie-cutter emails, don’t you? You get the exact same message from 10 different ‘gurus’ and it’s written as if it were their words.

It’s the topic of those messages I want to talk to you about: The Big Seminar. When Armand Morin announced the first Big Seminar in Dallas two years ago, I had no intention of going.

However, I signed up for the free preview calls. That turned out to be a HUGE blessing. To get on Armand’s panel, each speaker had to be making a minimum of five figures per month online. So, for the cost of a long distance call, I could get a  90-minutes mini-seminar from a dozen top web marketers.

The calls weren’t ‘pitchathons’. They were typically 85 minutes of instruction followed by a 5 minute pitch for the Big Seminar. I filled a spiral notebook with notes from those calls. 

In fact, one of the tactics I learned from Armand led to an increase in my sales of 38.4% in 30 days.

Alex Mandossian taught me a trick that has generated an extra $2,912.13 in the past 10 months on one of my websites. It took about an hour to implement and costs me nothing.

Fred Gleeck taught me a simple way to write a 100-page book in a week.

Armand Morin showed me how to quickly and easily create a professional looking header graphic and ebook cover. It’s the same technique I used to create the graphic at the top of this website.

Randy Charach taught me a simple but brilliant technique for getting free, targeted traffic to my website. It also helps me get my foot in the door with a lot of heavy hitters.

If you’d like get a more detailed report, I did a blog entry on each speaker after that seminar. You can see it here.

I got so excited about what I learned on those calls that I decided to go after all and I’m really glad I did. At that first seminar, I met John Reese, Joel Christopher, Kirt Christensen, Jeff Walker, Keith and Matt from Nitro Marketing, Alex Mandossian, Frank Garon and a number of others.

I’ve since done joint ventures, products or other deals with almost everyone on that list. Beyond that, there was another great benefit.

I came away from those calls and that seminar with the abolute belief that I could be as successful as any one of those speakers. I’d heard their stories. When they described their early experiences, they sounded very similar to mine.

That faith alone was worth what I paid to attend. It was also a great experience to spend three days with a group of people that shared the dream instead of the usual nay-saying relatives and friends who love to rain on your parade.

So, what I recommend you do is sign up for the calls. There’s no cost to do so. Listen in and see what you think. Even if you couldn’t attend even if you wanted to, there’s good info on those calls.

If you do decide to go, I’ve got a special deal for you. If you sign up under my link, I will give you a complete set of 20 CDs of the original Big Seminar. These go for $297 on my website at

I’ll UPS these to you as soon as you sign up. That way, you can listen in advance and have an excellent primer before you get to Atlanta. But I’ve got something else for you, too…

In addition to the CD’s, I will also give you a complete and thorough critique of your website. You’ll be able to watch onscreen while I review every page of your website and help you turn it into the most compelling, highest converting site possible.

The reviews run anywhere from 1 to 2 hours and you get the video on CD so you can watch it as often as you’d like. I normally charge anywhere from $297 to $497 when I do these on my site at but it won’t cost you a think if you sign up for the Big Seminar under my link. (

And you can wait up to 6 months after the seminar to get the critique. So if you don’t have a site up yet, you can get the review when you’re ready.

So, that’s up to $794 in extras. I will also give you a one-hour telephone consultation. You can ask questions about any aspect of your business you’d like during that hour. Or you can break it up and get two 30 minute calls.

I normally charge $200 for a 1-hour consultation. So that’s nearly a thousand dollars in bonuses. And who knows, I might throw in a few other goodies, too. In order to collect, you must sign up through my link.


So, will you meet me in Atlanta?

All the best,

Bill Hibbler
Tips, Tricks & Brutally Honest Product & Service Reviews