How to make BIG money with ebooks without typing a word

If you could spend an afternoon scanning some documents,
setting up a single page website, and raking in over four
grand in two days, would you do it?

I’m guessing you would.

Last Sunday, I had lunch with Pat O’Bryan. On the way home,
Pat asked if we could stop by Joe Vitale’s house to pick up
a book.

Joe discovered a series of self-help books from 1910
that he was very excited about. He’d purchased them on eBay
and wanted Pat to scan one of the books to convert it to an

Joe spent a few minutes checking to make sure the book
was in the public domain. You are free to sell any book in
the public domain and keep all the profit. This book

Joe had spent already spent a few hours writing a sales
letter. Next, Pat spent the afternoon scanning the book into
his computer and converted it to an ebook.

On Tuesday afternoon, they launched the website selling the
ebook for $19. Within seconds of sending out an email to
their lists, Pat and Joe watched the orders start pouring
in. Within 48 hours, they were over $4,400 in sales.

Over $4k in 48 hours. And on the 4th of July holiday when
you assume most people in the U.S. aren’t checking their

Want to learn how this works? Head over to:

You might think this is a fluke, a lucky break.

It isn’t.

Let me tell you the story of the last book Pat & Joe did.
Pat was browsing in an antique store and found a pile of old
success oriented magazines from the 1920’s.

He bought them as a gift for Joe because he knew Joe would
love all the old ads.

Several of the ads in the magazines were for a self-help
program called Pelmanism. Pat did a little research and
discovered that Pelmanism was wildly popular 80-90 years

Pat found a copy of the original Pelmanism books online for
less than twenty bucks. Then, he setup a website using the
original sales letters found in the magazines. So they
didn’t even have to write a sales letter. They priced it at

At the time, I think Joe and Pat assumed they’d make between
a thousand dollars or two tops. We were all shocked with the

Within a month, sales topped $25,000! That was last year but
Pat tells me the book continues to sell 1 or 2 copies a day
without any promotion at all.

Can you imagine making that kind of money without even
having to write a book?

Pat & Joe certainly got my attention and I set out to learn
more about how the whole public domain thing works.

I found a couple of courses that promised to show me all the
tricks but they were asking several hundred dollars for
them. One included some books in the public domain as
bonuses but I saw no real value in that.

Why promote the same books as everyone else taking the

So I kept digging.

I discovered an excellent course on the topic as well as a
very educational audio from three marketers that have had
even bigger success than Pat & Joe with public domain.

I contacted the authors of the courses and the audios and
licensed the rights to sell them. I’ve now packaged the two

So if you prefer learning by listening, you’ve got the
audios. And if you prefer to read, you’ve got the very
extensive course manuals as well as the transcripts to the

If you’ve struggled with writing your own ebook or you just
want to duplicate Joe & Pat’s success, hit the link below:

I’ve got my own little public domain book that I’ll be
scanning this weekend. It’s real treasure. I have the
original sales letter, which was written by one of the top
copywriters of all time. I’ll let you know when I put the
website up so you can take a peek.

And please, when you launch your own public domain product,
let me know how it turned out.