Product Review: The ‘Insider Secrets’ To Marketing Your Business on the Internet – Version 2006

Product Review: The ‘Insider Secrets’ To Marketing Your Business on the Internet – Version 2006

By Derek Gehl and the Internet Marketing Center
Price: $197

This was the first Internet marketing course I purchased back in mid 2001. It was and still is one of the most comprehensive web marketing courses on the market.

This is the fifth edition of the Insider Secrets course. I started out with the second edition and believe me; it’s gone through a lot of changes. This is the first edition of Insider Secrets since Corey Rudl was killed in a tragic racing accident in June of last year.

The Insider Secret’s course arrives in two huge binders with a total of 830 pages of information. The course is divided into 8 steps along with an advanced strategies section using tabbed section dividers for easy navigation.

The 8 steps are:

  1. Product/Niche Selection
  2. Designing and building a website
  3. Copywriting
  4. Opt-in list building
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Traffic Generation
  7. “Back-End” selling.
  8. Starting an affiliate program.

The Advanced Strategies include:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Blogs
  3. Podcasting
  4. Online Auctions
  5. Selling through other’s affiliate programs.
  6. Using Audio and Video on a website.
  7. Testing & Tracking

Each section is divided into 61 lessons. The previous edition utilized 12 steps and 80 lessons so it’s been streamlined. Also, IMC usually updates the course with each printing so it’s constantly evolving.

In addition to the two big binders, you’ll get a number of additional items, some of which are new with this edition.

These include:

  1. “Read Me First!” Booklet

The “Read Me First!” booklet contains a welcome message from IMC’s Derek Gehl. Derek replaced the late Corey Rudl who was tragically killed last year in an auto racing accident at the age of 34.

Derek talks about his early experiences with Corey and how IMC grew to a company generating $12 million in annual sales. It’s an inspiring story and, if you pay close attention, it is also a sales letter for IMC’s mentoring program.

  1. “Listen To Me First” Audio CD. New bonus for the 2006 edition.

This is a first-time bonus for the Insider Secrets course and it includes just over 30 minutes with Derek giving you some facts about web marketing, discussing Corey Rudl and trying to encourage you that Internet marketing success is possible. And as in the “Read Me First!” booklet, the seeds are planted for getting you to join IMC’s mentoring program.

Take note of how this is done. If you ever plan on promoting your business via public speaking, this is how it’s done.

  1. The Quick Start Guide

The 21-page Quick Start guide gives you a brief overview of what’s covered in each of the 8 steps.

  1. 6 *Bonus* CDs – Advanced Strategies
  1. Bonus CD 1: “Cheap, Effective Advertising Strategies You Can Use to Drive Masses of Buyers to Your Website”

CD 1 is an ebook containing two or three of the exact same lessons included in the Advanced Strategies section of the course binders. I’m not sure why this was done unless this CD was originally designed to be used with another product. There isn’t any additional material not included in the regular course, it’s just text.

Original lessons on this CD include “Creating a Highly Successful Hover Ad or Pop-up Advertising Campaign” which is quite thorough.

Also unique on this CD is a lesson in designing banner ads, text links and classified ads.

  1. Bonus CD 2: “Explode Your Sales and Profits by Creating Multiple Streams of Income”

Like CD1, there are a few duplicate lessons from the actual course. Unique lesson topics include setting up joint ventures, selling a service online and how to sell licenses for your products.

  1. Bonus CD 3: “The Insider’s Guide to Profiting from the Newest Technologies on the Net”

Once again, a couple of repeat lessons, in this case three of the five lessons are also in the binders along with two new lessons. Here, you’ll learn about using Wiki technology to drive traffic to your web site as well as using direct-to-desktop technology. This in IMC’s case means using Desktop Marketer, their proprietary RSS (Real Simple Syndication) software. If you’re not familiar with RSS yet, you will be soon. It’s a way to around the whole spam issue.

  1. Bonus CD 4: “The Internet Marketer’s ‘Moneymaker Kit’: Advanced Promotional Strategies and Information Resources.

This CD includes a list of 267 Internet marketing resources, similar to the resource page on my website. There are also 11 additional lessons that contain mostly advanced strategies.

  1. Bonus CD 5: “The Insider Secrets of Seven Wealth-Generating Web Sites You’ve Never Heard Of”

This CD contains seven case studies of successful online web sites. The content was taken from IMC’s “Secrets to their Success” membership site. If you’ve every considered joining the site, this will give you a sample of what to expect.

These are interviews with the people that created the sites and include a lot of useful information. And all of the websites are outside the “make money online” niche so you do get a lot of variety and fresh tactics.

  1. Bonus CD 6: “Audio Interview: Trendwatch 2006”

This is a recording of a teleseminar recorded early this year with Derek Gehl and Scott Paton, IMC’s blogging expert. The call discusses what Derek and Scott predict will be hot in 2006 as well as talking about the big picture.

They discuss topics like Podcasting and how you can use Podcasting to increase search engine rankings and how to use Blogs to grow your business.

  1. Two Bonus DVDs: This is a new bonus for the 2006 edition. These include a DVD with Derek Gehl doing website critiques with two mentoring clients. The second DVD includes a live presentation Derek gave in LA.
  1. Blogging for Dollars: As I write this, IMC is including this product as a bonus with the Insider Secret’s course. This is not usually a bonus product. In fact, I paid $139 to buy this 96-minute DVD and 126-page guidebook earlier this year.

It is an excellent primer on blogs and podcasting. The DVD features IMC’s Scott Paton. And the booklet is not merely a transcription of the DVD, it contains all original material.

At $197, this course isn’t cheap. However, it’s sold for that very same price for six years and a lot of additional material has been added. You could essentially buy this course and not need to buy any other material other than the software and services needed to run an ecommerce website.

The one thing I dislike about this course is that the only automation products and services they recommend are their own products. In most cases, I’ve found the two main products, Mailloop and AssocTRAC to either be poor products, overpriced or both. Mailloop 7 has just been released and I’ll be reviewing it soon. AssocTRAC is good software but the service I use is a far better value and doesn’t carry the bit up front fee that AssocTRAC does.

Bottom Line: If you want to learn everything about Internet marketing and don’t want to buy individual courses for each topic (like affiliate marketing, niche building, ebook creation, etc.), this is the best course on the market. Buy it and you will not be disappointed. Just resist the urge to buy AssocTRAC and Mailloop without exploring the alternatives.

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