First Look: “The Marketing Diary: My 90 Day Apprenticeship with Marlon Sanders”

First Look: The Marketing Diary: My 90-day Apprenticeship with Marlon

by Matt Adler
Price: $57

Imagine the benefits of working side-by-side with a
marketing guru like Marlon Sanders on a daily basis. That’s
what Matt Adler has been doing for the past year since he
took the job as Marlon’s assistant and affiliate manager.

With the Marketing Diary, Matt records his first 90 days on
the job.

You’ll learn what Matt learned when he learned it. Here’s a
product where Marlon takes a newbie by the hand and shows
him what software to use, what books to read and the systems
he uses to run his business. That may sound like other
products you’ve seen but the difference here is Matt’s

Matt asks questions and you see the answers. So you get to
see the knowledge applied, not just read another marketing
It’s a great idea.

With regards to software, Marlon shows Matt the right
software to stay organized and the best tools to use in an
Internet marketing business, some of which are free

Most of the books Marlon recommends to Matt aren’t $200
Internet marketing courses but inexpensive paperbacks found
at or in any large bookstore.

The information is organized in two ways. First, you read
Matt’s 168 page diary documenting his first 90 days working
with Marlon. In the second half, the same information is
organized by topic.

So you can read the diary from day 1 to day 90 or use the
table of contents to get quick info on a particular topic.

Matt’s 90 day diary runs 168 pages. On day 1, he organizes
Marlon’s garage which apparently contains hundreds of info
products. Cleaning and organizing a garage doesn’t sound
like Internet marketing work but Marlon shows Matt a system
that can be applied to anything you need to organize such

  • Recruiting new affiliates
  • Checking your websites for errors
  • Making sure your emails are getting delivered
  • Completing and rolling out new products
  • Keeping regular statistics on sales, etc.

Systems are the name of the game in Internet marketing. If
you want consistent, ‘auto-pilot’ income, you’ve got to
learn to create and implement systems. Systems are Marlon’s
specialty and you’ll see how Matt applied the lesson on Day
One. In that entry, you’ll also learn how to quickly launch
your own affiliate program without spending a dime.

After the diary section, you get a second section with the
same material organized by topic. So you can follow Matt’s
training day-by-day, which I recommend, or jump to a topic
for review or to solve a specific topic.

You can get a complete list of what’s covered here:

I’ve been doing this for several years yet I’ve learned a
LOT just from reading part of the diary. Besides being
useful to someone just starting out in the biz, this is
great reading for someone needing to hire and train an
assistant, something I’ve been considering.

My only complaint would be that Matt sometimes used
photographs to show spreadsheets or charts he created when
an illustration would have been more effective.

Bottom Line: This is an excellent learning tool and Matt has
thrown in some unique bonuses that are valuable on their

There’s also a bonus limited to the first 50 people that
order: A 90-minute ‘Getting Started” conference call with
Matt and Marlon.

This product doesn’t officially launch until tomorrow but
Matt and Marlon are allowing me to offer it to you a day
early. So you’ve got a chance to snag one of those 50 spots
on the conference call.

Get your copy of the Marketing Diary here: