Product Review: Mike Filsaime’s Power Link Generator

Power Link Generator from Mike Filsaime
Price: $97

For a variety of reasons, many subscribers and customers don’t like the idea of you getting a commission when you recommend a product.

Some will attempt to bypass your link replacing it with their own.

So when these folks see an affiliate link like this:

They’ll replace your affiliate ID number with their own. While some affiliate programs have measures in place to prevent this, many don’t.

Others think they might get a better deal if they don’t go through your link.

So if they see that link:, they’ll cut off the numbers or just type in When that happens, your commission is lost.

For some time, the solution has been to use programs that cloak the affiliate link so people can’t bypass your link. Using this software, a link like this:

Could become this:

Another problem with regular affiliate links is that they can be quite long. Have you ever seen an affiliate link like this one?

Long urls like this tend to interrupt the flow of your message. What’s worse is that they often wrap to a 2nd line. When a reader clicks on the link, only the first line is picked up. So the link either doesn’t work at all or your affiliate info is left off.

For a few years now, I’ve used my buddy Ray McNally’s “Affiliate Commission Booster” to cloak my links. It does a great job of that but I need more than just cloaking.

Ray’s program cloaks the links and even uploads them to my website. But it has no tracking feature. So I have to create tracking links in another program but that’s not the biggest challenge.

I don’t know about you but I sign up for a lot of affiliate programs. Keeping track of all those affiliate links, my username and password and login details to check my stats and commissions can be a hassle. I have to use yet another program to do that. So each time I create a new link, I have to use three different pieces of software.

Mike Filsaime to the rescue

I met Mike earlier this year at Ted Nicholas’ Birthday Bash in San Antonio. He’s a great guy and a rising star in Internet marketing circles.

Mike has created a new program called Power Link Generator that can make your life a lot easier if you do affiliate marketing or any ad tracking.

Unlike most affiliate cloaking software, Mike’s program installs on your website. If you have any experience installing simple scripts on a server, this is a quick and easy install. It took me all of five minutes.

If you’re not a techie, Mike will install it for you within 24 hours for an extra $27.

Once it’s installed, you login to a page on your website, enter a username and password and you’ve got instant access to all of your campaigns. You’ll be able to see at a glance detailed stats of how many clicks you’ve gotten plus all of the login and contact details for each affiliate program.

Ordinarily, I’d create a video tour of the program for you but Mike’s already done that. To see the video now, click here.

Bottom Line: At $97, this program is about double the price of most affiliate link cloakers but it has three times the features. Ultimately, it will more than pay for itself by saving you lots of time.

Tip:You can set this up on any domain you’d like. What I’ve done is setup a new domain ( just for my affiliate links. I wanted a short domain name so my affiliate links would be short like this:

111659 is my date of birth so it’s easy for me to remember. 🙂