– Is this the future of websites?

The video below, which was created for about $10 and was promoted strictly on Twitter and Facebook, is approaching 1,000,000 views on Youtube.

The ad agency, Boone Oakley, used features available in Youtube to create a fully interactive video which is their actual home page. Their video has now been viewed just under a million times. Actually, it’s not just a single video, it’s multiple videos linked together using annotations, hyperlinks and a few sheets of paper and a black marker pen.

The company didn’t just create an interactive viral video on YouTube. They went a step further and actually pointed to the YouTube video.

Think that was a good idea?

Let’s see. What do you suppose this did for their search engine rankings? Probably eliminated them so I hope they’re not relying on search engines for traffic. Normally, a site would get a lot of benefit from so many people talking about this video on blogs and in articles and other links.

But BooneOakley isn’t getting any juice from this campaign. Instead, it’s all links are ending up going to Youtube. Like they really needed more inbound links.

But let’s face it. Do you think an ad agency like this relies on Google traffic to get clients?

No way.

TV Networks, big beverage bottlers and car manufacturers aren’t getting ad agencies off of Google any more than they are out of the phone book. The Ad game is all about buzz and Boone Oakley got plenty of buzz from this video.

What’s your take?