Consistent Business Growth During Economic Storms with Vincent Molina

Although I’ve still spoken at a few Internet marketing conferences this year, I’ve kept a fairly low profile in the “How to” part of Internet marketing. One of the reasons for that is I’ve started working with an organization called CEO Space.

Despite being around for 21 years, CEO Space has a fairly low public profile. They don’t really advertise. What they do is help people turn an idea and a dream into a business reality. Or they help current business owners take things to the next level. While that’s somewhat of a trite phrase in business, it perfectly describes what CEO Space is all about.

I’ve had several years of success marketing online and teaching others to do the same. But since Joe Vitale and I wrote Meet & Grow Rich: How to Easily Create and Operate Your Own “Mastermind Group for Health, Wealth, and More, I’ve had an idea for a business I wanted to launch.

The challenge was that unlike an ebook or a membership site, this project would require venture capital. It would also need a strong permanent team rather than a few outside contractors. I thought I understood what was involved in putting together a company like that and it just wasn’t in my DNA.

I was wrong.

In July, I attended my first CEO Space conference and trade show in Las Vegas. I was there for ten days. And I was absolutely amazed. What I learned in one day totally turned my thinking around about business.

This was nothing like the Internet marketing seminars and similar events I often attend and/or speak at.

I’ll tell you more about it later. For now, have a look at the following video. If you’re interested and would like to attend with me in December. Shoot me an email and let’s setup a call.