Product Review: 33 Days to Online Profits – 2005 Edition

by Yanik Silver and Jim Edwards
Price: $37

This ebook was just released this afternoon. The updated version is a whopping 249 pages. Bonuses include "10 Fast 7 Easy to Create Information Products", "RSS and Blogging Secrets Exposed", the ancient (in Internet terms) "Killer Mini Sites" package and "Insider Conversations with Internet Marketing Pros". The book and all the bonuses are PDF files. And unadvertised bonus is a 33 day email coaching class from Yanik and Jim delivered via email.

One thing "33 Days To Online Profits – 2005 Edition" does not include is instruction on how to choose a product. It’s assumed you either already have a product or will use this system to sell affiliate or resale rights products.

One of the bonus ebooks, the 32-page "Ten Fast and Easy Ways to Create Your Own Information Product" is a transcript of a call Yanik and Jim did to discuss different product creation methods but they assume you’ve already got a topic in mind.

The first couple of pages are filled with upgrade and resale rights package deals. Next are bios of Yanik Silver and Jim Edwards. Next, comes the table of contents page where Yanik and Jim have laid out a 33 day plan starting on a Monday.

Week 1:

During the first week, you’re "getting online and ready for business". This involves selecting a domain name, setting up shop online, writing your sales letter and uploading it to the website.

Week 2:

In week two, you’ll be "laying the groundwork for marketing online". You’ll write an autoresponder sequence and install it on your site, lay groundwork for targeted traffic, edit your sales letter, prepare pay-per-click ads and submit your site to the search engines. You’ll also get setup for Google AdWords and prepare for ezine marketing.

Week 3:

Week three covers traffic generation. You’ll start marketing to ezines, write an ezine article and submit it, post in forums and start looking for potential JV partners.

Week 4: 

For week four, you’ll be "getting ready for serious traffic". This entails emailing potential JV partners, checking ezine performance, running a ‘solo-ad’, working on an upsell offer and launching an affiliate program.

Week 5:

In week five, you’ll "roll-out your business" by writing an endorsed mailing to your list, writing a second article for ezine submissions and surveying your customers for new product ideas.

There’s a bonus Day 34 where you’ll learn linking strategies.

How You’ll Spend Day 1:

Each day is laid out with a lesson objective, skills needed followed by a step-by-step plan for the day. At the end, there’s a summary of your daily assignments. Are the goals realistic?

Judging by Day 1’s assignments, I’d say Yes. But let’s go through the first day and see what you think.

Day 1 has you writing out your goal and reason for starting an online business. If you’re reading my ezine, you probably already know the answer to that one.

The next step would be doing some keyword research to determine which keywords you’ll use to choose a domain name. Yanik and Jim add one trick that I’ve never taken into consideration when choosing a domain name. You’ll make a list of the Top 50 most popular keyword phrases in your niche and rank them in order of popularity.

You’ll get links to a free tool that makes this easy. Next, you’ll pick five potential domain names and then save all this info for Day 2.

The assignment list is followed by two articles and then a resource section with links to a cheap domain registrar, two keyword research tools (one free, one paid) and an ebook that can help you set and achieve goals if you need help on those lines.

Scanning the various resources mentioned throughout the book, I agree with most of their recommendations for products and services.

What You Won’t Find:

The authors assume you either already know some basic HTML or are willing to hire a web designer. Now they do give you some good free resources for learning HTML and for hiring a web designer. However, if you don’t know HTML and decide to learn using those resources, it’s going to take you longer than 33 days to finish this course. Personally, I think that’s OK but I want you to be aware of it.

The BlogProfits bonus ebook is another teleseminar transcript with Yanik and Jim interviewing Thomas Pierce, the brother of Stephen Pierce, who revealed his Smart Page system a couple of years ago in his ebook, The Whole Truth.

I haven’t had time to read BlogProfits yet but I’m a little leery. When Pierce taught us about Smart Pages, they worked very well. I landed several top spots in Google using them. But they relied on a trick that technically violated Google’s rules. After hearing a lot of complaints from the search engine optimization experts, Google made an adjustment and smart pages became ineffective in all but a few niches.

Pierce’s new methods might have more staying power. It was a brilliant idea and had they kept it to themselves rather than writing an ebook about it, smart pages would probably still have their various websites enjoying top 10 rankings.

"The Insider Conversations with Internet Marketing Pros" and "Killer Mini-Sites" ebooks have good material but are a few years old now. They’re good to have but I wouldn’t let them sway me in terms of whether or not to buy this ebook.

Bottom Line: If you already have a product or plan to sell affiliate or a resale rights product, this course will show you exactly what to do to get setup to sell it online, drive traffic to it, market it effectively and get setup for back-end sales, this is a good course for you. At $37, it’s less expensive than many of the alternatives on the market.

If you want everything laid out for you in a step-by-step, daily format, this book has everything you want. You can get it now at:

On the other hand, if you need help choosing a niche and creating an info product as well as learning to market it, you might prefer something like the course I wrote with Joe Vitale, The Ultimate Guide to Creating Moneymaking Ebooks.