What a Rock Star Can Teach You About Internet Marketing

I decided to record today’s blog post rather than write it. So consider this my first podcast. Today I’ve got some stories from my rock & roll days with Humble Pie. There are also lessons here you can apply to Internet marketing or any goals you’re trying to reach or just consider it a rock and roll history lesson. So let’s take a little trip down memory lane. Be sure and check out the videos below, too.

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That’s yours truly 25 years ago when I was Humble Pie’s tour manager/guitar tech. For the pickers out there, that’s a 1959 Gibson Les Paul 3-pickup model with the middle pickup removed. It’s the lightest Les Paul I’ve ever seen. Steve bought the guitar on an early US tour only later to discover that it had been stolen from Keith Richards.

Bill Hibbler with Steve Marriott's 1959 Les Paul in 1983

Before Humble Pie, Steve Marriott formed The Small Faces, which were hugely successful in the UK. Itchycoo Park was The Small Faces highest charting US single reaching #16. It was the first British record to
feature a recording effect called “flanging”.

Steve Marriott was Jimmy Page’s benchmark when seeking a singer for Led Zeppelin. Also, when Mick Taylor left The Rolling Stones, Steve was Keith Richard’s first choice to replace him. Unfortunately, Mick Jagger allegedly blocked the move because Steve upstaged him during the audition. In the video below, you can see Steve with Humble Pie live performing one of their hits, “I Don’t Need No Doctor.”

Click on the image below to hear one of the best interviews I’ve seen with the late Steve Marriott of Humble Pie and Small Faces fame.

Finally, here’s one of the lineup I first worked with in 1982 featuring Steppenwolf’s Goldy McJohn on keyboards and ex-Savoy Brown bassist Jim Leverton performing an un-released song called “Big Train.”

Note: Here is the link to the book I mentioned in the podcast, “Who Are You?” by Jim Barrett and Hugh Green