The Joys of Discipline – Day 1

Monday was Day 1 for a new experiment I’m conducting called “The Joy of Discipline“. Those that know me well will do a double-take when seeing that title. I’ve never been a big fan of discipline.
One of the things I value the most is freedom. It’s one of the reasons I’m an Internet marketer. But, lately, I haven’t been as productive as I’d like.

That’s because I’ve got way more ideas, projects and people I’d like to work with than I have time for. Of course, this problem certainly isn’t unique to me.

I have a lot of goals I’d like to accomplish. As you’ve read on this blog, I’ve been working hard to remove mental obstacles to success. And I’ve tried to work on improving my relationships and overall health.

I’ve always viewed discipline as a dirty word. I saw it as the opposite of freedom. Recently, my view has been challenged. My friend Gaea told me discipline is actually a pathway to freedom. Other friends have echoed that view.

For years, I’ve been a night owl. It’s a natural extension of all those years I spent in the music biz. Running an online biz has also allowed me to keep my own hours, eating and sleeping when I feel like it. I have some client obligations that require me to be at a certain place at a certain time but I’ve tried to minimize those whenever possible.

Whenever I’ve tried to shift to a more traditional schedule, I’ve slipped back into my old patterns.

Over the past year or so, my lifestyle has changed in ways that require me to shift to a more traditional schedule.

One of those changes is being diagnosed with Type I diabetes. Diabetes requires maintaining a consistent meals and sleep schedule.

There’s also Andrew (7) and Graham (4), Lisa’s boys. Young kids aren’t exactly late sleepers. It’s hard to sleep in with these two running around the house playing or getting ready for school. And I feel it’s unfair to ask them to keep quiet in the morning for my benefit.

Finally, there’s my business. I begin my day with an hour of exercise, take an hour to prepare and eat breakfast usually while reading a business book followed by about an hour for a shower and morning meditation. While I love this morning ritual, if I sleep late, my workday doesn’t begin until 2 in the afternoon.

That’s fine when I’m writing or working on solo projects but it’s pretty late in the day for contact with clients that work traditional office hours, especially those on the east coast or in Europe.

Far too often, my morning ritual ends up getting cut short with meditation, exercise or both being put off until later. And too often, later means not at all. That’s no longer acceptable.

About eight weeks ago, I renewed my commitment to exercise daily. I found an interesting way to stay motivated. I call it ‘The Soprano’s Workout’.

No, I’m not keeping in shape by beating people up. 🙂

I don’t watch a lot of regular TV. I usually limit viewing to movies. I think I may have seen one episode of The Sopranos on the air. But when I was given the box set of season 1 as a gift, I was hooked. Despite being violent, it’s one of the best written and acted TV shows ever. I ended up ordering all six seasons on DVD.

Every morning, I roll out of bed, climb on my cross-trainer and work out while watching an episode of The Sopranos. It’s made me actually look forward to my workout.

Today I made it to the final episode. What will I watch tomorrow? Any suggestions? Keep in mind, though, it can’t be something I ‘should’ watch, it needs to be something entertaining enough that I look forward to every episode.

Besides exercise, daily meditation is a crucial part of my routine. It helps keep my diabetes in check and reduce stress. It also helps the creative process.

I could give you more background on this decision but I don’t want this post to turn into War & Peace. Essentially, my daily plan for the next 30 days is this:

  • Wake up by 8 AM. Bed by midnight.
  • Begin my day with a one-hour workout.
  • Meditate for at least half an hour, preferably longer.
  • Read personal development or business books for one hour.
  • Complete an installment of Randy Gage’s Midas Mentality 30 day program.
  • Follow Joe Vitale’s instructions in “The Missing Secret”
  • Eat on a consistent schedule.
  • No sports, car or fiction reading except on weekends or at bedtime.

I’m sure I’ll add to this list and create other short and long-term goals as I begin working Randy Gage’s program as well as Joe’s.

So you may wonder why I’m writing about this on an Internet marketing blog. You may also wonder why I think you should care about how I spend my day. Good questions both.

Part of this experiment is for you. One of my missions in life is to help those of you that want to escape the rat race and live your dreams but are struggling to do so. I’ve come to realize that the problem isn’t just a lack of Internet marketing knowledge.

The other reason I’m doing this is purely selfish. By announcing my intention to those of you that read this space, I’m enlisting your help as ‘accountability partners’.

It’s kind of like telling all your friends you’re on a diet or giving up smoking. I don’t want to have to admit I couldn’t stick to my plan for 30 days.

I’ve debated about how to cover this. I don’t want to bore those of you that are strictly looking for marketing advice. I considered putting this experiment on a separate blog. I may go that route but for now, I’ll keep it here and wait to hear feedback from you. You can leave a comment below. (Note: Your comments won’t appear immediately but will show up within 24 hours.)

Another thing I’m going to experiment with is Twitter. Twitter is a new kind of social networking site. It’s kind of like a reality show combined with a blog. You can follow along here:

You can also find me on You’ll need to join the site to look around but it’s free and is an interesting way to connect with people.

I’ll have more to report tomorrow. My main PC crashed on Monday. I’ve just installed a new motherboard and CPU. It’s tedious putting everything together but I’ve installed one of the new Intel quad-core chips so it should be very fast. Hey, maybe that’ll save me some time. 🙂