More Internet marketing in paradise with Joe Sugarman

Bill Hibbler, Craig Perrine & Joe Sugarman


¬†Although we’ve been looking forward to Joe Vitale’s Zero Limits conference for some time, one of the things about this trip that excited me the most was the opportunity to meet Joe Sugarman (pictured at right above with me and Craig Perrine).

Joe Sugarman is one of the top copywriters and marketers in the world. His words have moved millions of dollars worth of products. If you remember the old JS&A ads and catalogs in the 70’s for various electronic gadgets, you’ve read Joe’s copywriting.

His biggest marketing campaign to date has been BluBlocker sunglasses. Through his infomercial programs, he’s sold over 20 million pairs of BluBlockers since 1986. That’s a lot of shades.

I’ve been a fan of Joe’s for as long as I’ve been studying copywriting and have well-worn, dog-eared copies of Joe’s books, “Advertising Secrets of the Written Word” and “Triggers”. Both books are out of print now. Used copies are selling for up to $300 on Amazon. If you browse used book stores, keep an eye out for either book. They’re must-reads for internet marketers or anyone in sales.

Joe lives in Maui. He’s a friend of Joe Vitale’s and I’d heard he’d be attending the ‘get acquainted’ luau the night before the seminar.

We were fortunate enough sit with Joe and his lovely wife, Leila, at dinner and he, Craig Perrine and I had a fascinating discussion. Although still heavily involved in BluBlockers, his primary focus these days is a new company doing stem-cell research.

Like another one of my copywriting heroes, Ted Nicholas, Joe is a total class act. I’m really grateful I had the opportunity to meet him.