48 Candles?

Funny. I don’t feel 48. But the numbers on my birth certificate say it’s true. 11/16/1959

Sweetheart that she is, Lisa decided to throw me a surprise party Friday. Well the surprise part didn’t exactly work out but we had one hell of a good time.

Before I describe the festivities, let me tell you about a little birthday special I’ve cooked up for you.

I’ve put together a package of 8 top selling products. Don’t mistake this for one of those grab bags full of digital junk you see on some websites. We’re talking valuable info (and in one case software) that I regularly sell for full price on my website.

For the next 72 hours, you can snatch all 8 for… can you guess? $48. One dollar for every candle I blew out. Yeah, I know it’s a marketing cliche but just be glad I’m not 98. 🙂

Go grab yours now and then come back for the rest of the story: http://www.ecommerceconfidential.com/48special.html

OK, back to the party…

The group met at Texas Red’s, the steakhouse our mastermind group has been meeting at for some time.

Dr. Joe Vitale and the lovely Nerissa were there and Nerissa took most of the pics you see here. That’s Joe, yours truly, Lisa Coltman and Waxela Sananda below.

Joe Vitale, Bill Hibbler, Lisa Coltman, Waxela Sananda
Joe Vitale, Bill Hibbler, Lisa Coltman, Waxela Sananda

Waxela, along with her husband, Brett Morris, and her daughter Josiah brought me one of her famous bamboo t-shirts. If you’ve ever worn a bamboo shirt, you know how comfortable they are. Waxela’s shirts feature some amazing artwork. You can see them on her website: http://spiritmama.com/

Pat O’Bryan and Betsy Blaydes were there and brought excellent cigars. Craig Perrine, Mark Ryan, Cindy Cashman and Rodney Bursiel rounded out the group.

Cigars seemed to be the gift of choice which was fine by me.

Bill Hibbler
Bill Hibbler

I got a fine box of cigars from Joe and there appeared to be a number of Cuban specimens. Of course, I can’t verified that as we promptly burned the evidence. 🙂

Although my new buddy, Rico Connor, who has a new fitness ebook which I predict will become a best-seller, couldn’t make the party, I got a fine box of Romeo y Julietta cigars from him by mail which were a big hit at the party. Thanks, Rico! And thanks everyone for a great birthday bash, especially Lisa for putting it all together.

And, thanks to you, too, for stopping by the party. If you didn’t pick up your “48 Special” yet, better grab one now. The sale ends Wednesday.