Wednesday, January 27th, 2021 – Is this the future of websites?

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The video below, which was created for about $10 and was promoted strictly on Twitter and Facebook, is approaching 1,000,000 views on Youtube. The ad agency, Boone Oakley, used features available in Youtube to create a fully interactive video which is their actual home page. Their video has now been viewed just under a million […]

Consistent Business Growth During Economic Storms with Vincent Molina

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Although I’ve still spoken at a few Internet marketing conferences this year, I’ve kept a fairly low profile in the “How to” part of Internet marketing. One of the reasons for that is…

Unseminar 6 Adventures in San Antonio & Beyond

Unseminar VI is over. If you attended or followed along on Pat O’Bryan’s Portable Empire TV, you probably thought Unseminar ended just over a week ago but you’d be wrong. But don’t worry, I’ll fill you in on what you missed. Craig Perrine and I drove down to San Antonio the day before the official […]

Using Twitter for Mastermind Group Messaging & More

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On Wednesday, I talked about how to build relationships online using Twitter. I mentioned that Twitter can be a great way to keep up with your mastermind group, students or any group of friends or co-workers. One challenge has been that Twitter has no group messaging function. You can do a post which will be […]

How to Build Relationships Online Using Twitter

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What is Twitter and why should you care? Are you interested in a free online service to… Find experts to interview to create new products? Sell more products? Get more traffic to your website or blog? Find potential joint venture partners? Get more subscribers? Find collaborators or mastermind partners? Get tips, advice and feedback in […]

Social Networking Sites: Boon to Networking or Time Waster?

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Earlier in the week, I asked if you consider social networking sites (like LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace or Second Life) to be a great way to network and market products and services or a waste of time. Several readers left comments including my sister, Misty Khan, who I referred to in the earlier post as a […]